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About Us

we provide the solution for asset management

Service With Love

“It takes months to build a reputation…seconds to lose it.” We Keep Informal Relations with our clients to keep them Happy & Satisfied.

Bring You To The Top

“We Dont talk, We Act. We Dont Say,We Show it. We Dont Promise, We Just Prove it”. Our Constant Aim is to Keep you on top of Everything.

Great Support

“Our intention is to support the clients in executing a strategy of long term value creation in a collaborative environment.”

Go Very Fast

“Thers’s still a lot of work to do.We are working fast and furious to get everything approved with the clients”

Business Matching

The Business Matching system offers each buyer and exhibitor the opportunity to select relevant parties to conduct business meetings.

Growing Your Business

We make every possible attempt to make sure that your business prospers in each and every prospects.


Rawat & Associates,  a   firm   of  Chartered  Accountants,  based  in  Mumbai  rendering professional services. We, under one roof, offer complete solution of professional services in the fields of accountancy, auditing, taxation and finance to various clients. The firm is practicing in the field of Accounting, Auditing, Income-tax, Goods and Service Tax, Company Law,Internal Auditing amongst others. Each division of the firm is backed by a experienced and committed team.

Our Team

Our Values

Excellence & Professionalism

Each member of the firm takes pride in being part of an institution committed to excellence. We define excellence to be the best at what we do. As a professional organization, we nurture and sustain the competence of all our team. We are objective and fair in our approach, consistent in our performance, and more importantly, own responsibility for our actions.

Client Focused

Our success essentially depends upon providing our clients with knowledgeable solutions to achieve their goals. We listen to and understand the needs of our clients and respond by delivering high-quality services. We build client relationship based on trust, respect and mutual understanding.

Team Work

Our challenging tasks and needs of our clients for innovative solutions require that we use a  disciplinary approach  and  work  in  unison. We realise  that the success of the firm depends on  co-operation, which  converts   individual   efforts and  expertise  into  high performance teams that exceed client expectations.

Our Vision

Being a professional service institution providing research based solutions through a community of high caliber and ethical individuals, we aspire to be leaders through our knowledge, creativity  and experience. This   furthers   our   ability  to   see  the unseen opportunities to solve complex issues and our ability to anticipate and manage continuous change.