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We provide the solution for Valuation

The Firm has highly experienced and senior Professionals registered under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) having valuation experience across a broad spectrum of companies and entities. The valuations reported by the Firm find wide acceptance by all users.

The Firm offers Valuation services in:

  • Transactions, such as investments, divestments, mergers, demergers, JVs, equity-swaps, purchase or sale of assets including intangible assets etc
  • Compliance and Disclosure, including fair-value statements and restatements under Indian GAAP (including the new INDAS), IFRS & US GAAP, for matters such as Impairment Testing, Purchase Price Allocation, valuation of Financial Instruments, ESOPs etc.
  • Transparency and Stakeholder Communication¬†practices adopted by progressive and admired managements, including voluntary/suo moto valuations of intangible assets.

A select list of valuation engagements is listed here under:

  • Purchase Price Allocation
  • Fair Valuation of Assets and Liabilities, including Intangible Assets, in demerger schemes
  • Goodwill and Intangibles Impairment Tests
  • Fair Valuation of Equity Shares or ESOPs
  • Fair Valuation of Equity Shares for purpose of divestment/investment by non-residents in Indian companies under Indian Foreign Exchange regulations
  • Valuation of a wide range of Intangible Assets, including Websites, Databases, Brands, Customer Relationships, Licences, Designs & Drawings, Human Capital.